Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day # 70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a fiber tortilla with scrambled eggs, salsa and ketchup...BOMB!

Lunch: I have two thin sliced whole wheat pieces of bread with spicy mustard and turkey! Only 3 pts!

Not sure about dinner yet, but I think we're going out so I'll have to plan wisley...which I hate doing! I have 20 weeklies left and my daily, so I should be just fine.

Sorry to write so quickly....I have two days left of work before my big 5 year anniversary vacation trip to RENO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!! We leave next Monday, so my week starts FRESH!!! :)


  1. Are you not blogging anymore? Just updating my blogroll...

  2. I just started a blog, too. Have 50 pounds to go. I assume you are doing Weight Watchers. That is actually one diet I haven't done you go to a class or online??? I'll keep reading. We are very close to same weight. Good luck!